What We Offer

Our Infrastructure Details


Building Infrastructure

It is important that the colleges must have a very good infrastructure with advanced technologies. Our college has the best building infrastructure which includes playground and built up area.

  • Land and Building – Own
  • Land Area – 21000 sq.mts
  • Built up Area – 3043.98 sq.mts
  • Play Ground - Available

Teaching and learning

We provide the best learning facilities for making the learning an easier one for the students, which includes classrooms, tutorial rooms and laboratories.

  • Number of Classrooms - 23
  • Number of Tutorial rooms - 1
  • Number of Laboratories - 3

College Library

A Library plays a vital role in the search of knowledge which serves as the workshop for the entire college.Our college has a library with 50 seating capacity and 3672 books.

  • Seating Capacity - 50
  • Number of Books in the library - 3672


Our college has the best ICT infrastructure which includes a number of desktop PCs and wi-fi connectivity.

  • Number of Desktop PC s in Computer Lab - 10
  • Number of LAN Terminals - 1
  • Wi-fi Connectivity - Yes

Other facilities

We also provide a various number of other facilities like multi-purpose hall, smart class room, sports facilities, rest room and a staff room.

  • Multi- Purpose Hall - Available
  • Smart Class Room - Available
  • Sports Facilities - Available
  • Rest Room - Available
  • Number of Staff Rooms - 1